Graduate Teaching

We have offered the following courses in nineteenth-century British, American and Canadian literature over the past five years, or will be offering them in the 2016 / 2017 academic year.

  • The Practice of Collecting
  • Decadent Materialism
  • The Gibson Anthologies
  • The Shelley Circle
  • Romantic Women Writers and the Future
  • Digitizing Victorian Women Writers
  • Disability in Victorian Literature and Culture
  • Nineteenth-Century American Slave Narratives
  • American Literary Realism
  • American Women Speaking Out: Rhetorical Theory and the Gendered Nature of Persuasion

Graduate Theses

  • Emma Spooner, “Transforming Sentiment: Forming National Identity in Transatlantic Sentimental Novels of the Long 18th Century,” Fall 2012-

Undergraduate Courses

In addition to offering nine courses in nineteenth-century British, American, and Canadian literature regularly at the 400-level (ENGL 441, 553, 447, 449, 461, 463, 465, 471), we have recently offered advanced undergraduate seminars at the 500-level on the following topics:

Honours Theses

  • Kaitlin Kiddey, “Fear, Fascination, and Engendered Emotion: The Representation of Women within Nineteenth-Century American Gothic Literature,” 2012.